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God Loves you more than you can imagine

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I hope to update the site more frequently, since my sabbatical I have not given the kind of attention the site deserves.

The Scavi

      We were fortunate to have the opportunity to join a small group for a scavi tour, the Italian word for "excavations". As the result of the pope's request for a burial spot, the top of a monument was discovered, which seemed to be part of the original monument for St. Peter's remains.
       Peter was believed to be martyred in Nero's Circus, the center of which was the obelisk which is now in the center of St. Peter's Square.  It may be one of the last things St. Peter saw before his death.

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The Cupalo

Today I ascended the Cupulo of St. Peters, hundreds of steps and I believe hundreds of feet. A beautiful view of the Vatican Gardens, and again had the chance to con-celebrate the Mass right below the alabaster window under the large chair in the main apse of the Basilica.

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The Major Basiclicas

There are four major basilicas in Rome: St. Peters, St. Mary Major, St. John Lateran, and St. Paul's outside the walls. The most ancient site is the St. John Lateran, this is the Cathedral Church of Rome and technically the Pope's Cathedral Church St. Mary Major was builh around time of the Council of Ephesis, 431 AD. There was reportedly was a miraculous snow that confirmed private revelation that a Church was to be built on the site

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Well the last week was in Croatia, a region torn by war 17 years ago, but they are recovering, we spent much time on an interstate toll road that was very good. There seems to be much hope and a bright future.